Time to work – Just kidding

So, I missed a couple of day, that’s some blazing start to a blog just getting kicked off, which now leads to a decision. Do I try and post multiple times in an effort to feel like I’m catching up or just carry on? Sounds like a problem we face multiple times where we let something slide and then we are not sure how to continue.

In this case I’m just going to carry on and commit to doing better because in this case that’s the best way to move forward.

There are plenty of instances where it is advisable to figure out where you left off and plan a way forward from there (something is definitely wrong with that sentence, but I don’t know what it is). One example is of course a project which needs to follow a process to completion.

So one of the reasons I let blogging slip was, ideas. The process of coming up with a new idea seemed daunting because I have never been what would be considered a creative writer. I barely passed Language Arts in elementary school (yes, I’m that old, it was called Language Arts). So what’s a good topic for a post? Pretty much anything that you can think of. Just be sure to write it down or record it somewhere when you have it! That was my issue. I would have an idea then see a squirrel or a shiny piece of tinfoil and then it would be gone, and I would be scratching my head to try and recall it.

Once you have that wicked idea for the day you can easily think of three or four points you want to cover and with those you have your framework for your post. Then you just your ideas on and you have your post. Easy right? Try it for a few days, think of a topic and what your thoughts are about that topic. This would be the basis for a daily post. My language arts teachers would be shocked I actually grasped what they were trying to teach.

So look forward to more information on how to kick off this pre-retirement life and not waiting until your sixties to begin a new phase in your life.